Can hardly believe this is actually happening! After three wonderful years, I am officially moving out of my little happy place. What can I say. Love made me do it. I’ve had such a great time creating a home out of this little house, adding more personal touches and vintage discoveries over time. Many a visitor told me they could just it tell it was my place, the moment they stepped across the doorstep. A lovely compliment, I always thought. ^^ … Read more »

I rather like having catchy, inspirational quotes in my interior. However, when my mood changes, I would love them to change with me. One day you want a kick in the but to get that pile of work done, the next you want to remind yourself it’s ok to take a breath. Fickle? Not at all! These clipboards will easily keep up with your mood swings, with a dash of color and a touch of color for that little something… Read more »

Passionate people run the world. I truly believe that. People driven by what they love, what they believe in. They can make magic happen. I love nothing more than to meet these passionate peeps and listen to their stories. And since this blog is slowly (but steadily ;) ) growing into a personal portfolio of the things that move and inspire me, I would love to share some of those stories with you. Snippets of the life of people I… Read more »