I love glass jars! Whether it’s in your home office (bye bye heaps of paperclips, washi tape, and other wandering knick-knacks) or on your kitchen cupboard (for flour, pasta our your M&M stash), they are both fun and functional.

161013-diy-jars-158-dsc_3387-2A personal touch makes just about everything better, doesn’t it? With a tad of DIY you can pimp the jars’ lids and turn them into unique deco items. For this example, I used toy dinosaurs (because: why the h*ll not), but you can create this effect with any little trinket. I personally have a few little cat figurines, saved from my grandma’s collection which would be perfect! Maybe next time around :)

161001-diy-jars-011-dsc_3240-2161001-diy-jars-082-dsc_3311-2The simple steps to take:

1. Glue the figurines on the lid (press down firmly!)
2. Let dry (an overnighter is always a good idea.)
3. Spray paint in a happy color.
4. Ready!

Easy peasy, right?

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