I rather like having catchy, inspirational quotes in my interior. However, when my mood changes, I would love them to change with me. One day you want a kick in the but to get that pile of work done, the next you want to remind yourself it’s ok to take a breath. Fickle? Not at all! These clipboards will easily keep up with your mood swings, with a dash of color and a touch of color for that little something extra

dsc_4427-diy-clipboard-6As with all my favorite DIY projects, this one is very easy to do.


 Acrylic pint for that happiness factor
 Masking tape
 Gold leaf for a bit of bling
 Duster brush


Define the pattern you want with masking tape, for clean geometric shapes, and paint your clipboards in a happy color. In my case, two layers was enough for a good coverage. Remove the masking tape immediately after the second layer. Let the paint dry before you proceed with the gold leaf (an overnighter is always a good idea).


For the gold leaf spots: add little strokes of glue across the painted surface. Lay the gold leaf carefully across the painted area and press down gently (or stroke across it with the duster brush) and let dry. Brush away the residual gold leaf, not stuck to the clipboard by the little strokes of glue, with the duster brush. That’s all there is to it!


Happy crafting!

This post first appeared on Hello Sunshine

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