It’s the merriest time of the year again! If like me, you are part of several Secret Santa groups (people know I am a sucker for gift-giving…), you might still be looking for some original gift ideas. Believe me when I say: nothing says “extra mile” like a handmade present. However, when you go for that DIY gift, you’ll want something that looks a bit impressive but is actually fool-proof. Because you won’t want to wrap anything you don’t feel proud to give to your loved ones, do you? These two handmade gifts are pretty perfect in that regard! Easy and festive!


Vintage teacup candles

You will need: teacups, long skewers, candle wax (you can use leftovers or get little wax beads at a crafts store), candle wicks and the little metal tabs to hold your wick. (I got wax, wicks and beads at the Banier).

  1. Pick up some pretty vintage teacups at a flea market or second hand store (I got these babies at the vintage Walhalla that is Burkelbloem Ghent)
  2. Cut off a piece of wick and attach the metal tabs to one end. Knot the other end to the skewer.
  3. Melt the candle wax carefully in a metal bowl above a pot of boiling water (“au bain marie”, as we tend to call this)
  4. Dip the metal base in the melted wax, to easily attach it to the middle of the bottom of your cup (this will stop the wick from moving to the side of the cup/candle).
  5. Place the skewer on top of the teacup, it will keep the wick upright.
  6. Carefully pour in the melted wax. If you feel extra festive you could add some glitter :) Let it cool and set.



Mason jar snow globes

While I was picking up my candle-making-necessities at the Banier, I got inspired by a display of Christmas scenes in mason jars. As you can imagine, I stuffed some tiny trees, fake snow and little wooden animals in my basked as well. So easily persuaded by a little prettiness :) Stumbling on a collection of the cutest vintage deer and little Christmas tree decorations in the Burkelbloem right after this impulse buy told me it was fate though!


It takes a little dexterity to get all your little elements into the jar and keep them upright (I used a skewer to give them gentle little nudges), but aside from that, this is the easiest thing ever! You just open the jar, stuff it all in and: voila!

Hope you’ll have fun making these, and even more fun giving them ^^

Love, C.

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