Hope you’ve been soaking up some vitamin D from that first spring sun, sweeties! Nice weather just makes everything better, now doesn’t it ^^ (Weather obsession! I’m such a Belgian :) ) But that doesn’t mean a dreary day like this one cannot bring happy times. Why not channel some of the solar energy you’ve charged up on over the last few days in a cozy crafternoon? Doesn’t need to be crazy artsy, sometimes a little mindless collaging will do (<3 mindless collaging! I’m such a nerd :) ). Make yourself a cup of tea (yes, pouring yourself a glass of wine is totally acceptable too ;) ), grab a couple of magazines and tear/cut out whatever appeals to you. Make sure to get that pritt stick and washi tape ready!

Feel like sharing the creative vibes? Call your girls and make it a vision board party! I was recently invited to one of these babies by the lovely Femlee. Just a couple of girls chatting, cutting and pasting away. Girly good times! (Thanks again, sweetie! <3) I noticed the term “vision board” can be a bit overwhelming though. Don’t feel like you have to have a vision to create something meaningful. By just selecting images and quotes that speak to you on some level (even if you’re not sure why exactly), you’ll surely create something beautiful. And you know what? You don’t even have to. Such a cliché, but so true: it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Happy crafting! <3 C.

Femlee Vision Boards20150228_34

Femlee Vision Boards20150228_19

Femlee Vision Boards20150228_49

Femlee Vision Boards20150228_29

Femlee Vision Boards20150228_55Group picture by Femlee


6 thoughts on “Rainy Crafternoon

  1. Femke

    Yaaaaaay! Was so much fun! Binnenkort moeten we er nog eens eentje doen… I’m thinking ‘interior accessoires afternoon’! :-)


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