Home is where the heart is! As much as I love to get out in the world, there is something about opening that door and stepping into my little part of it… #happyplace! I’ve only been living here for a few months (remember this one), and I was surprised how soon this little house felt like home. Plus I had SUCH fun decorating it. Big perk of living by yourself: no need to compromise! I know that’s totally selfish, but what the heck: NO SHAME. I got to do it exactly the way I liked and I LOVED every second of it! The best compliment I got from some of my friends seeing my new nest for the first time: Even if I wouldn’t know, I could immediately tell this is your place. You know how single men’s cribs tend to evolve into a bit of a men cave? I suspect a female version of that might be happening here. A girly attic, maybe? :) For those of you picturing hearts and bows at the sound of this: rather think soft pastels, vintage elements and the occasional romantic touch…

The star pieces in my girly abode: the minty green Smeg fridge (that came with the house, can you believe that!) which dominates the kitchen, the 50ties TV cupboard I got via Little Vintage Lovers and the cute vintage mini-dresser I found on Mr. Frisko ( last picture below – more on this lovely vintage web shop later!). But I’m guessing it’s the ever-growing collection of little trinkets, vintage treasures and home deco accessories that are what makes an interior you (or in this case me). One of my favorite places in the house has to be my little work space (complete with Flow-dominated inspiration wall), the perfect spot to get away, think, dream and create <3

But of course, the home of a deco addict like yours truly is an eternal work in progress. Next project: finding a nice way to expose a collection of hand painted (in one of my more crafty moods) vintage picture frames with B&W pictures of my loved ones. Bigger items still on the wish list? A new kitchen table and a beautiful floor lamp for the living room (this knitting geek needs adjusted lighting). Good things come to those who wait… and save up a bit first ;)

Love, C.

Deco Snapshots20150322_012

Deco Snapshots20150322_052

Deco Snapshots20150322_182

Deco Snapshots20150322_088

Deco Snapshots20150322_057

Deco Snapshots20150322_033

Deco Snapshots20150322_107Deco Snapshots20150322_135

Deco Snapshots20150322_169

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