Gotta love instagram. An endless source of lazy entertainment, inspiration and new discoveries (and selfies, obviously, but the jury is still out on the value of those ;) ). One fine day a few months ago, I got a new follower by the name of @hannemans. Courteous social network girl that I am, I clicked through to check out what this girl was gramming. Love at first thumb!  A quick fangirl mail later, a date was set for a chat with the lovely Hanne and visit to her workshop

 The Girl

A creative soul at heart, Hanne studied interior design and started her career in an interior shop. What was mostly a desk job couldn’t satisfy her creative spirit though, and after 2 years she decided to make a change. She’d been taking woodworking evening classes and took a job in a carpentry shop where she could apply her newfound passion (a passion she shares with her boyfriend by the way, who’s a carpenter as well). What do you mean male bastion? This girl took it by storm! During her free time she started experimenting with scrap wood, creating unique home accessories. ‘I love playing around with different kinds of wood. I never really draw out a plan of what I’m going to make. The inspiration tends to come to me while I’m sawing.’ What started as a creative outlet soon developed into custom made furniture projects for several friend and acquaintances. Finally, in the Summer of 2014, Hanne took it to the next level and Hannemans was officially born!


The Brand

Picture this: you’re leaving the parental nest and just cannot wait to decorate your own little place in the world. (Hello, massive home deco Pinterest board!) Reality check: your bank account is not ready to fund those deco dreams. Whoopsie. Not to despair: a lot of pretty mass production pieces to be found all around, right? But maybe you don’t want to step into a friend’s house and feel exactly at home… (Ah yes, THAT tv-cupboard. Looks really nice in our living room as well…) Sounds familiar? I’ve sure been there. So how to add a personal touch to your space, without impending bankruptcy? You’ve guessed it: Hannemans to the rescue :)

Hannemans in three words, according to Hanne? ‘Minimalistic, singular and playful.’ A fresh collection of unique handmade home accessories, custom made furniture and interior design, at reasonable prices. Original creations (mostly made out of multiplex and MDF), inspired by Scandinavian style and always with a fun finishing touch: right up my alley, as you might suspect :) Also spotted: a lot of old jenever bottles which Hanne dip-dyed in happy pastel colors. Love it!

Hanne is currently working on a new collection, and hopes to share it with the world really soon! In the meantime, she’s setting up collaborations with different design shops and dreaming about making Hannemans a fulltime occupation. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of her!

Tip for my fellow Ghenties:  you can find Hannemans on this year’s edition of Ghentmade: 31st of Jan and 1st of Feb ( yes that’s THIS WEEKEND peeps!) at KERK!

Maybe I’ll see you there ;) C.









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