No matter how good your intentions to the contrary: moving into a new place tends to come with new stuff. That one piece of furniture  that will add the final touch to your living room, the piece of art that will transform your work space into a place of inspiration. For me this phenomenon has been symbolized by my mission to find the perfect 50ties-style TV cupboard. Armed with a bookmark folder filled with vintage/second hand furniture links (which I checked daily – I get obsessive like that) I started my quest. During this mission there were two webspots my browser clearly found its way to the most, attracted by the beautiful selection, inspirational styling and original approach.

My Ex Boyfriend

My Ex Boyfriend is the shop of Kat vereeken and Benjamin Mattele, two creative souls with a shared passion. Why oh why would someone choose a name like that for their business you ask? The rational behind it is actually quite fun: „Everybody has an ex boyfriend: you used to love him, but it didn’t work out… And after a while your ex boyfriend became somebody else’s husband. Well, vintage furniture, it’s kinda the same story. Somebody thinks it’s junk another person falls in love with the same piece!” Kat & Benjamin really have an eye for beautiful pieces, I just love their selection and get a little excited every time they announce an update on the shop. But what really sets My Ex Boyfriend apart is the beautiful styling with which every piece is presented: inspiring and verrry alluring. Kudos!


Little Vintage Lovers

Little Vintage Lovers is a project of big vintage lover Cécile Dechamps. A little over three years ago she translated her passion into a webshop for vintage children’s furniture („it all started with one beautiful little chair”) and toys. Throughout the years the shop has broadened its offering and now even us big kids can get our fill of vintage treasures. The shop offers a lovely selection of 50ties to 80ties deco items, furniture, toys, tableware, … at reasonable prices. Also: I ended up finding my „perfect cupboard” (that is, perfect to me ;) ) on Cécile’s shop and was delighted by the personal approach and customer service. Again: kudos! :)


To note: I totally agree that you could probably find pieces similar to the ones offered on these two webshops (at lower prices) on flea markets or the Kringwinkel. However: if you have a very specific piece in mind, that will probably take you a lot of time, effort and patience. To me, that’s where the true added value of these shops lie: they do part of the treasure hunt for you. Don’t get me wrong: I love perusing flea markets and second hand shops, but I feel that when I’m too focused on finding one specific piece it sucks the fun right out of it. I’d rather just wander around and be surprised by the treasures that come on my path. Plus patience has never been my strongest suit: I wanted my cupboard and I wanted it now :)

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