A personal life motto. At least that’s what I aspire to. I’m not gonna deny it, I can be quite the creature of habit. If left unchecked, I tend to cuddle up in the familiar like a cozy blanket. But cuddled up in a blanket is not exactly where the magic happens, is it? (On second thought it kinda could be, but that’s another story :) ) So I try to give myself a good kick in the butt from time to time. Life’s too short not to push yourself to make to most out of it. And I guess I’ve been giving myself a few major kicks lately :) A new home, a new job, a new (single) life… As far as stepping out of that comfy zone goes: I’m pretty much jumping out. Nervous? Yes. A little scared? Oh yes. Excited? HELL TO THE YES!

In two days I’ll be starting a new professional adventure, which means I’ve said goodbye to what was (and always will be ;) ) my first job. A major chapter in my life. What a crazy, educational, inspiring, exhilarating (and yes at times exhausting) three years it has been. Beautiful projects with beautiful people. Because if there’s one cliché I’m sticking to, it’s that comms really is a people business. Over the course of those three years I’ve met a bunch of amazing peeps. And on the one hand I do feel this tinge of regret at leaving some of them behind. But you know what? The ones that matter will be around and come to mean so much more because of that.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster but I’m so ready for the next loop. Hope you’ll stick along for the ride ;)

CC Artwork created by the amazing Droomcommissaris as part of my Porter Novelli goodbye <3

14 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Beauty Treasures

    Ik was te laat met je nog een mailtje te sturen, maar ik wens je SUPER VEEL succes toe met je nieuwe baan. Spannend allemaal ;-). Maar vooral ook een dikke merci voor de fijne samenwerking en tijd!


  2. Femke

    Veel succes met al jouw nieuwe avonturen!!! Always welcome for a drink and chat in Aalter city, once things calm down! :-) xx


  3. Liesbeth

    Lieve Charlotte! Ik hoop dat we snel kunnen bijpraten, so much to talk about!
    Ondertussen, veel succes met alles, kick some ass and we’ll meet again soon!



  4. Evelien

    Ik was ook te laat met je nog een mailtje te sturen zie ik net! (drukke periode aaah!). Maar wat jammer dat ik je niet meer in de beauty PR wereld ga tegenkomen, je deed dat super!! Veel succes op je nieuwe job waar je het vast en zeker ook geweldig gaat doen! :D


    1. charlotte Post author

      Dank je Evelien^^ Ik ga het zeker ook wel missen, maar wie weet, misschien komen we elkaar nog wel eens tegen! ;)


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