Moving day is drawing near! In the middle of the organized chaos that comes with packing up our house (WHY OH WHY does one collect so much stuff?) and arranging for everything to be set up in the new house (thank god for a few amazing peeps that are helping me out big time in this process – you know who you are ;) – good karma, love and endless gratitude coming your way), I’m daydreaming about decorating my new home… Can’t wait for all the hassle to be over and to get to the good part!

Anyways, I tried to hold myself back from going crazy on home deco before the actual move (since every new purchase is another thing to pack at this point…) and aside from a few slip-ups (I’m only human!) I’ve done quite well actually… But my wish list and home deco bookmarks folder are definitely growing at a rapid pace :) The common thread? Good vibes and happy colors! Looking forward to welcoming some of these babies to their new home soon :)

deco wishlist

The Motivated via Wander&Co

Snowpuppe & Depeapa via My Ex Boyfriend

House Doctor via Kim. & Wonen met Lef

Ferm Living & Pt. via Wonen met Lef

Ambra Mantra Via 

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