I was NEVER moving again. At least not for the foreseeable future. After moving out of our last apartment (after only one year – land lord troublez) into our current little house, I was so fed up with the whole boxes thing that I swore this was it. No more packing/hauling/painting/… This girl had enough of that #thankyouverymuch.  We were staying put for at least a couple of years.

But sometimes faith deals you an unexpected card. Sometimes it even deals you an unexpected and totally awesome card! So yes, we’re moving… AGAIN. Some opportunities are just too good to pass up :) As you might suspect (and my BF totally feared), the thought of a clean deco slate absolutely thrills me and my home deco pinterest board is growing together with my excitement. Current style state of mind: a white base with colorful accents, a Scandinavian touch and a dash of vintage. I’m particularly excited about the fact that we will actually have room to create a little space for me to work, blog, craft, create, …  I’m also on a quest to find the PERFECT sixties style vintage dresser (but shhht, don’t tell the BF, I promised him not to buy new furniture before the actual move… :p)

So yes, I definitely have deco on my mind these days. Below a sample of my favorite pinspiration (sources to be found on this pinterest board), more deco inspiration and wish lists are bound to follow over the upcoming weeks. (Out of the abundance of the heart…)











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