Sleep. Those who know me, know it’s like a religion to me. It’s the reason I hate Monday mornings with a burning passion and am so fervently devoted to sleeping in on Sundays. It’s also the cause of a little nostalgia about my student days, during which late nights and sleeping till noon were a daily routine. Anyway, all this to say that in order to lure me away from a Friday night’s sleep in my own precious bed, you’ll have to make me a pretty good offer :) But if that offer includes yummy food, lovely company and most importantly: an even better bed, this sleep junky is happy to oblige.

So on a beautiful Friday night not so long ago, my babe Lore and I headed to Antwerp for a sleepover at the Yellow Submarine (is it an ad agency, is it a coffee bar, is it a B&B… or all of the above?!). Hosts of the night were Auping Belgium and my favorite princess, a guarantee for peaceful dreams and healthy treats. A little sneak peek at our room for the night made my prettiness-loving heart soar. The box spring bed we discovered didn’t only look heavenly comfy (how my tired end-of the-workweek bones rejoiced) but straight out of my deco dreams! Seriously, how beautiful are those bed linen? *adding to my birthday wish list*

After a cozy night with a delicious dinner, some relaxed conversation about beds & beyond and a touch of arts and crafts (a special shout-out to the ever-lovely Elfi, for creating this awesome custom-made mug for my sweetie Katrien! <3), we lay our heads to rest on that divine bed, in that gorgeous room. How did I enjoy my Auping night you ask? I was more than a little reluctant to leave my cocoon of comfort in the morning, I can tell you that much. Although I have to admit that the yummy breakfast (served with a smile by the charming Yellow Submarine host Elke) was a nice consolation! The start of a better day for sure.



Pictures by Melissa Milis

2 thoughts on “A Snazzy Sleepover

    1. charlotte Post author

      Sowieso doen! Ben zelf al aan het kijken wanneer ik er eens een romantische sleepover met m’n liefje kan plannen :)


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