It’s ok to be a little picky every now and then. Sometimes, you’re looking for something that’s exactly right and will be satisfied with nothing less. Even though some people might not understand how one can spend hours researching the bést electrical shaver out there (I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it happen in my own home :) ) or that perfect pair of black pumps (“they all look the same to me” euhm…come again?), it’s your prerogative to do so…. Read more »

So apparently it’s a generation thing. Not being fully entertained by just watching TV, but having the urge to simultaneously check your favorite blogs/update Facebook/share a pic on Instagram/… Apparently, we’re what they call “the second screen generation”. Phew, and here I was thinking I really needed to work on my short attention span. Glad I have a valid excuse now :)  It will probably hardly come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, but one of my favorite… Read more »

  Zara scarf – 2nd hand jumper (bought at Clean Closet!) – Topshop skirt ) – Zign shoes – Pilgrim necklace – H&M bracelet Gotta love Belgian Spring. Pretty yellow narcissi, singing birds, … and lots of rain! The last few weeks, we’ve been seeing some exceptionally cold & grey days, even for our little country. So even though my wardrobe was screaming: “DRESSES, SKIRTS, PASTELS, PLEAEASE!” I had to cave and get some of my winter sweaters back from… Read more »