Those final rays of light before the end of the day. Warmer colors, softer contrasts, a fairy like atmosphere. Perfect for dreamy pictures and even dreamier thoughts. It’s probably my favorite time of day. Especially in summer. Coming home and having a glass of wine on my terrace. Clearing my head after a day of brain exercise. (Yes, I like to tell myself I do at least one kind of exercise…) But I’m drifting off. (Which is an obvious side-effect… Read more »

The little things in life. It’s so cheesy and said too many times, but they go such a long way. Those fresh flowers on your desk, an understanding glance between old friends or just that quiet moment in the sun. They brighten your days. Similar to the way these little things add a sparkle to your everyday life, little details can add just that tiny extra to every outfit. A fun print, interesting accessory or bright color accent can bring… Read more »