Une Parisienne. Most of us have a certain image in our head, associated with the stylish ladies living in this beautiful city. But how to describe it? So when I stumbled across this cute little booklet, I just had to get it :)

I’ve packed my share of bags over the years. Boarding school, student life and the weekly move between parents have required me to master the art of efficient packing. It’s a skill I’m kinda proud of, to be honest :). I can take pleasure in going through the routine of mental checklists and swift selection. But of course, nothing like filling your suitcase for a holiday! Especially a summer holiday :). Imagining yourself strolling beneath a sunny southern sky wearing… Read more »

I must confess. I’m having an affair. Several of them actually. A closet full to be exact. I have a passionate love affair with dresses. A beautiful dress gives me an instant confidence boost and makes me feel like I can handle anything. Cause let’s face it, Ladies, we feel stronger when we feel pretty. And that’s what dresses do for me. On top of that, they make picking out an outfit in the morning so much easier! :) No… Read more »

Don’t you just love firsts? Your first kiss, first job, first time traveling abroad without parental supervision… There’s nothing like it. All butterflies and twinkling eyes, you’re ready to take on the world. Even though deep inside, you’re scared as hell :) So, you can imagine how this first post makes me feel :) I’ve been playing with the idea of creating my own online spot for a while now. However, sometimes it takes that little extra push, be it… Read more »