Hope you’ve all enjoyed the Easter fun last weekend! As predicted, my two family brunches resulted in good times, a major chocolate overload and a respectable food baby. But that was not all! In addition, I was surprised with an early birthday gift (hurray for siblings that have birthdays a few weeks before your own :) ) You can imagine my delight when I tore off the wrapping paper to find the object of my latest fashion crush: the Essentiel… Read more »

On my list of top holidays, Easter certainly takes a solid second place (I’m a total sucker for Santa’s time of year, sorry about that Mr. Easter Bunny). Egg hunts, brunches and a good excuse to go chocolate crazy, what’s not to love? :) And even though the weather isn’t fully cooperating (the sun is trying its best this morning though!), the Easter atmosphere with all its yellow, pastels and candy colors creates an instant spring vibe. Love it! Personally,… Read more »