Passionate people run the world. I truly believe that. People driven by what they love, what they believe in. They can make magic happen. I love nothing more than to meet these passionate peeps and listen to their stories. And since this blog is slowly (but steadily ;) ) growing into a personal portfolio of the things that move and inspire me, I would love to share some of those stories with you. Snippets of the life of people I… Read more »

So apparently it’s a generation thing. Not being fully entertained by just watching TV, but having the urge to simultaneously check your favorite blogs/update Facebook/share a pic on Instagram/… Apparently, we’re what they call “the second screen generation”. Phew, and here I was thinking I really needed to work on my short attention span. Glad I have a valid excuse now :)  It will probably hardly come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, but one of my favorite… Read more »

My god, was this free Monday a dreary one, or what?  Sweet spring, where have you gone? Luckily I didn’t need to go far to find shelter from all this greyness, as the second edition of the colorful Ghentmade craft market took place right around my corner! At Café La Lys (Meibloemstraat, Ghent), this neat little fair presented a sea of hand crafted jewelry, clothes, home decorations, …  Nothing like a gathering of creative minds to brighten a dull day :)  And boy… Read more »