Cake and fashion. As far as a combo guaranteeing a lovely Sunday goes, it doesn’t get much better than that. At least in my sugar-craving, dresses-loving opinion :) Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing exactly that combo, when a few of Ghent’s finest fashion entrepreneurs assembled at a picturesque venue in Lochristi for the third edition of “Taart + Textiel”. I hadn’t had the chance to attend one of the previous editions, so this year I was determined… Read more »

There are some cities in the world that conjure up very specific and instantaneous associations. Who pictures Paris without the Eiffel Tower or Sidney without its Opera House? Likewise, when mentioning Orlando, Florida to any girl with a lingering princess complex, you will most likely spot a little fairy dust in her eyes… So you can imagine how excited I was, when given the opportunity to travel to the Orange County. Not only did I get to meet and swap… Read more »

Did I mention before how much I love travelling to France? Admittedly, it’s far from an exotic destination for us Belgies, but having this broad variety of holiday scenes and delights just a road trip away is part of its charm, if you ask me. (Someone once told me that the tendency to drive over 10 hours to a holiday destination, rather than just hopping on a plain is SO Belgian. Wondering if that is in fact the case…). We… Read more »

Friday again! Can’t believe how this week has flown by… Lots of work and an awesome midweek interlude going to the Beyoncé concert with my lovely PN colleagues (She BLEW me away. There are just no words for it. Except maybe for this one:  MAJOR girl crush!).  With all this going on, I hadn’t even shared any of my Paris pics with you yet!  Our two day getaway to the city of light was simply delightful. :) It’s always hard to summarize… Read more »

Hey Peeps, just wanted to let you know that I’m signing off to leave on a short trip to the City of Light! Back this weekend with stories about walks along the seine, café au lait and vintage French couture! <3   Sources: Postcard; Eiffel tower; Baguette; Varenne Metro sign; Macarons; Breakfast; Stamp; Wine; Champs Elysées; Pretty Parisian Lady; Vintage Chanel logo;

As some of you might know, I hold a special place in my heart for my hometown Ghent. The perfect mix of hipness & history, there’s no place in our rainy little country I’d rather live. Today I’m sharing a very specific part of this precious city that I thought you might appreciate: some of my favorite vintage hotspots! Who knows, you might get some inspiration for a shopping trip over the upcoming long weekend :) Myriam Wulffaert Vintage (St.-Jacobsnieuwstraat… Read more »

Earlier this year I took a short trip to Lisbon with the lovely Princess Misia. More business than pleasure, but even a little pleasure can go a long way, now can’t it? So what to do when you’re in an unknown city and only have a few hours to spare? Conquer it by storm armed with the only weapons you need: a camera and an Elle magazine! The perfect recipe for snapshots and hotspots (which was basically all we had… Read more »