A taste of couture heritage with a visit to the Miss Dior Expo, which aims to share the tale and magic of the House Dior and is centered around its iconic perfume “Miss Dior”.

During a previous stay in Paris, I fell in love with the “Le Marais” area. I love how it’s historic and hip at the same time, how it embodies both a cultural heritage and the very essence of today. In case you want to check it out: here are a few of my vintage favorites to get you started :)

A perk of this longer stay on Paris is that I can get as many tastes of its cultural menu as my stomach can handle. Since my studio is wonderfully close to the beautiful Musée d’Orsay, it was an obvious choice for the first box checked…

Une Parisienne. Most of us have a certain image in our head, associated with the stylish ladies living in this beautiful city. But how to describe it? So when I stumbled across this cute little booklet, I just had to get it :)

So the first days of this Belgian girl in Paris are a fact! I spent a lovely weekend, settling in and discovering the area around my little “pied à terre”. I might still be wearing my pink glasses (you know, la vie en rose and all that…) but boy am I in love with my new neighborhood!