Howdy y’all! Reporting life from Austin, Texas:)  Enjoying the brainy geek fest that is #SxSW, or, as the word wizard also known as my boss has beautifully put it: confronting heat, thirst, endless steaks, burning sun, lousy beer and rattlesnakes, to gather as much information as we can get during long days, and endless nights. As you might suspect: this girl is one happy camper :) And as every seasoned camper (strictly for this analogy’s sake that is, there’s no world… Read more »

My fashion crush on Trevor triggered a fascination with everything baby blue. Soft, dreamy and fresh: WANT!

I’ve never considered myself a celeb crazed person. Sure, I enjoy the occasional piece of juicy gossip and had the walls of my bedroom plastered with as much pretty boy’s faces as the average teenage girl. But don’t ask me about the latest Miss Belgium/Cara’s newest BFF/Miley’s most recent act of outrageousness, because I’ll probably come up short. These last few days though, I have to admit to a tiny degree of obsession with the Solange – Jay Z thing…. Read more »