Happy Place

Can hardly believe this is actually happening! After three wonderful years, I am officially moving out of my little happy place. What can I say. Love made me do it. I’ve had such a great time creating a home out of this little house, adding more personal touches and vintage discoveries over time. Many a visitor told me they could just it tell it was my place, the moment they stepped across the doorstep. A lovely compliment, I always thought. ^^ … Read more »

I rather like having catchy, inspirational quotes in my interior. However, when my mood changes, I would love them to change with me. One day you want a kick in the but to get that pile of work done, the next you want to remind yourself it’s ok to take a breath. Fickle? Not at all! These clipboards will easily keep up with your mood swings, with a dash of color and a touch of color for that little something… Read more »


We’re moving… AGAIN. Some opportunities are just too good to pass up :) Totally excited by a clean deco slate and wanted to share a sample of my current home deco pinspiration…

Deco snapshots

“There’s no place like home.” You said it, Dorothy. Must be the reason why it’s so much fun decorating the place you call your home.


On a beautiful Friday night , my babe Lore and I headed to Antwerp for a sleepover at the Yellow Submarine, hosted by Auping Belgium and Princess Misia…