Confession: I haven’t been the best plant mom since we moved… Time to get back on the jungle track! Enter: a plant mom cheat sheet ^^ Check the blog for bullets preads with plant care 101 for each member of our green family and my easy watering/fertilizing routine.

I learned how to make my own stamps at a cozy Hello Alice workshop! Spoiler: it was surprisingly easy! With little effort and a lot of fun, I am now ready to spread the leaf-love, one stamp at a time…

I love glass jars! Whether it’s in your home office (bye bye heaps of paperclips, washi tape, and other wandering knick-knacks) or on your kitchen cupboard (for flour, pasta our your M&M stash), they are both fun and functional. A personal touch makes just about everything better, doesn’t it? With a tad of DIY you can pimp the jars’ lids and turn them into unique deco items. For this example, I used toy dinosaurs (because: why the h*ll not), but you can… Read more »

I rather like having catchy, inspirational quotes in my interior. However, when my mood changes, I would love them to change with me. One day you want a kick in the but to get that pile of work done, the next you want to remind yourself it’s ok to take a breath. Fickle? Not at all! These clipboards will easily keep up with your mood swings, with a dash of color and a touch of color for that little something… Read more »