I suspect we all have a tiny neurotic inside of us. My personal one has a thing for colors and loved how the pink details in this outfit matched..

Cake and fashion. As far as a combo guaranteeing a lovely Sunday goes, it doesn’t get much better than that. At least in my sugar-craving, dresses-loving opinion :) Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing exactly that combo, when a few of Ghent’s finest fashion entrepreneurs assembled at a picturesque venue in Lochristi for the third edition of “Taart + Textiel”. I hadn’t had the chance to attend one of the previous editions, so this year I was determined… Read more »

Passionate people run the world. I truly believe that. People driven by what they love, what they believe in. They can make magic happen. I love nothing more than to meet these passionate peeps and listen to their stories. And since this blog is slowly (but steadily ;) ) growing into a personal portfolio of the things that move and inspire me, I would love to share some of those stories with you. Snippets of the life of people I… Read more »

It’s ok to be a little picky every now and then. Sometimes, you’re looking for something that’s exactly right and will be satisfied with nothing less. Even though some people might not understand how one can spend hours researching the bést electrical shaver out there (I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it happen in my own home :) ) or that perfect pair of black pumps (“they all look the same to me” euhm…come again?), it’s your prerogative to do so…. Read more »

So apparently it’s a generation thing. Not being fully entertained by just watching TV, but having the urge to simultaneously check your favorite blogs/update Facebook/share a pic on Instagram/… Apparently, we’re what they call “the second screen generation”. Phew, and here I was thinking I really needed to work on my short attention span. Glad I have a valid excuse now :)  It will probably hardly come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, but one of my favorite… Read more »

Oh those lovely summer days! I know it’s been insanely hot (by Belgian standards…) these last couple of weeks, but as a rule I refuse to really complain about sunny weather. We only have so little sunshiny days (a.k.a. opportunities to wear our most summery of summer wear) in this rainy little country, so we should see each one of them as a gift! (Cheesy alert..) Plus, doesn’t every weekend feel like a mini holiday with this weather? Pick-nicks in the… Read more »

There are some cities in the world that conjure up very specific and instantaneous associations. Who pictures Paris without the Eiffel Tower or Sidney without its Opera House? Likewise, when mentioning Orlando, Florida to any girl with a lingering princess complex, you will most likely spot a little fairy dust in her eyes… So you can imagine how excited I was, when given the opportunity to travel to the Orange County. Not only did I get to meet and swap… Read more »