Hundreds of listings. Dozens of visits. Trying to stand out of amidst the 20 other couples that look just like you (and probably failing). Checking real estate apps 5 times a day. Rushing to be the first to react (and always failing). Bidding. Hoping. Moving on. Thinking that winning lottery ticket would come in pretty handy right about now. Realizing you don’t play the lottery. Getting to the point where you’re almost willing to compromise. Almost. Checking those darned apps again.

Anyone house hunting in and around Ghent (and so many other cities..) will probably relate. It’s one hell of a ride. And not the fun kind. But somehow, karma got on our side. A house a bike ride away from the center of my favorite city. With a wonderful patch of green right outside our door. Neighbors who actually greet one another. And a friendly baker around the corner. Gosh it sounds suburban. But sue me, we love it. I’ll wear that desperate housewife badge with pride.

We’ve got the keys one month ago now, and we still can’t believe our luck. Don’t get me wrong: there’s a TON of work ahead of us (because no, that winning lottery ticket still didn’t come around, so: Hello renovation!), but we’re excitedly making plans (and Pinterest boards :) ) and designing our forever home. As far as the post-moving situation goes: we’re still settling in a bit. But we’re feeling more at home every day, and visitors keep remarking how homey the house already looks. I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s not us, it’s the plants ;) 

Love, C.



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