Hands up if your mood is highly affected by the vibes of your surroundings! I’m waving them like I just don’t care over here. So you’re probably not surprised I am a tad obsessed with the decoration of my home office space. It’s where the brain magic happens, right? A place that’s all you, where you think, work, create.

As my home office space had served as the room to store unpacked boxes for a while after I moved in, its deco had been a bit functional the first few months. A make-over was definitely called for. And it wouldn’t be my home office, without some jungle vibes, now would it. Hello greenterior decoration! I would have a before and after shot for you if it hadn’t been for a case of overzealous hard drive clean-up, but let me assure you: the after is much nicer ;)


Looking to create some positive/creative/productive/… vibes in your own home office? Here are my 3 golden tips!

LIGHT: Light is a crucial factor for your energy level and therefore a crucial element in any office space. As with most things in life, the real, natural deal is the best way to go. So don’t choose a dark nook for your office spot, search the light. 

ORGANIZATION: Outer order instills inner peace. (At least it does for me. If you are a chaotic soul that needs some mess to think, by all means! ) Give all your office supplies (<3 <3 office supplies) their specific place, and make sure you foresee plenty of storage space. Yes: this is a perfectly valid excuse to go for a pretty-boxes shopping spree.

Home office jungle make-over

GREEN: I bet you saw that one coming. Some pretty plants on and around your desk will not only create inspiring jungle vibes, but also generate an extra dose of oxygen. Little plantlady anecdote: I had chosen some cuttings and smaller plants for my desk and ever since they have been thriving! Apparently, they are loving the South-East sun. So I’ve baptized my office “plant retreat”, where any of my struggling babies can move to recover.

Applying these three rules created the perfect home office environment for me. Will be a little sad to leave it behind when we move in a few weeks. But then again, I get to decorate all over again, and we all know how much I love that… Hope you’re inspired for a little greenterior office make-over of your own!

Love, C.

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