This winter we spruced up our vintage bathroom (oh the miracles a bit of paint can do..), and getting to redecorate it was the perfect reward for our hard work. I could entertain you with a story of the brave fight between my man, some old pipes and a brand-new sink, but I will leave the details up to your imagination and focus on the fun part. Our refreshed white-with-bamboo-touches bathroom was desperately screaming for some green (or maybe that was just me?). Enter a trip to our local garden center, where we fell head over heels with this GORGEOUS Alocasia Zebrina. Sure, it is huge. Sure, that’s not really a practical choice for any mid-sized bathroom. But have you seen those printed stems? How could we resist…

The perfect plants for your bathroom

A bathroom might not be the first place that comes to mind, when thinking houseplants, but actually: it should be! If there is ever a place in your home that has jungle potential, it’s this one. Hello, tropical humidity! They love it.

So when choosing the greenterior decoration of you bathroom, think jungle plants. They will thrive in the humidity and warm temperatures. A few prime candidates:

  • Philodendron: instant jungle vibes, and very easy to keep. Its beautiful leaves love medium light and will tell you instantly if conditions are suboptimal (yellow spotted leaves= too much light, leaves growing far apart = too little light).
  • Photos: This hanging baby looks great on a high shelve or in a hanger. I personally love those with a marble style print. Bright, indirect light will make it thrive.
  • Alocasia: we have not regretted our choice, so why not! Make sure you place this one in bright, indirect light.
  • Calathea: always a solid, and easy to maintain choice! They love indirect light but don’t mind shade. Plus: there are so many types and patterns to choose from. Statement plant guaranteed!
  • Aloe vera: its beauty and health applications make this superplant a bathroom classic. Side note: mine is making tons of babies so if anybody wants a little cutting, give me a shout :)
  • Ferns: I’ve never had any ferns myself but they should be pretty easy to care for. They love the humidity and don’t hate a bit of shade, as long as they get a good dose of light every now and then.


The perfect plants for your bathroom

So what I’ve you are dealing with a zero-sunlight bathroom? Don’t despair!  Try a snake plant/sanseveria, a spider plant or a pretty little Peperomia! They should do fine in low-light conditions.

Hope you’ll have fun creating your bathroom jungle! :)

Love, C.

The perfect plants for your bathroom

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