Nothing like some easy peasy crafting for that feeling of instant creative gratification. Well… Except for some easy peasy crafting with plants, maybe! Instant good mood! These tiny air plants terrariums are the perfect example of such an easy fun craft project. While actual terrariums require a bit of knowledge and the right materials to create, using air plants makes for a super simple alternative. They don’t need soil, remember? You can “plant” them pretty much anywhere, anyway you like. When I was shopping for air plants with this terrarium plan in mind, these adorable little ones gave me the idea to go for a mini version. Everything is cuter in baby size, right?

What do you need

  • A glass jar (be creative with shapes and sizes!)
  • Air plants (Phyt plants are always a good idea)
  • Pebbles & dried moss (you can find this in your local garden centre, craft store or even a pet/fish store, I got mine at Action)
  • If you want: a fun little gadget or figurine to add to your tiny landscape

How do you go about it

Well. You stuff it all together in the jar. As simple as that. Told you it was easy.

Bonus: these tiny terrarium jars make a nice handmade gift! I actually created a few but ended up giving them al away! Time for a second round, I suppose :) I might try my hand at a classic terrarium at some point as well, keep you posted on how that turns out!

Happy crafting!

Love, C.

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