To all you aspiring, charmingly chaotic or secretly lazy plantladies out there: nothing better to release your budding (or non-existent!) plant care skills on than cacti or succulents. They need so little time and attention; it is almost impossible to kill them. Personally, I started my plant collection with some cacti. For some reason I never really got into the succulent game. So, when the lovely people from contacted me for a collaboration, I took my chance to fill this gap in my plantlady skill-set.

Next to a beautiful collection of succulents and cacti (delivered right at your door in a pretty pot! Easy peasy), offers plenty of tips on how to take care of your new plant friends. So I thought I’d share some of there pearls of plant-wisdom. Not in the mood to read the deets? It comes down to this: sufficient sunlight, not too much water, dry periods and a bit of food from time to time. No rocket science.


  • Less is more! The most common cause of succulent victims is overwatering. Only water when you are sure the soil is completely dried out.
  • When the plant looks slack and a little shrivelled, it needs more water.
  • During summer, every 4 weeks should do, during winter it’s good to maintain a dry period of a few months.
  • Make sure to always remove any leftover water from the (ornamental) pot.
  • Succulents with thinner leaves need more watering than those with thicker leaves, as the latter can store more water in their leaves
  • When in doubt: don’t water!


  • In general succulents need enough light, if not their colours will become dull.
  • On the other hand: too much direct sunlight for an extended period of time could create burn marks


  • Your succulent friends like a new home every now and then, as their current one can get saturated by chalk and fertilizer residue.
  • Renewing the soil gives them plenty of new nutrients to grow and bloom.
  • You can repot all year round, unless the plant is in bloom.
  • Go for a new pot that is about 20 or 30% bigger, but not more
  • Use soil especially for cacti and succulents
  • Make sure the clod is dry and only water several days after repotting, as the plant needs to get comfortable in its new home first


  • Some succulent’s leaves can die off. Remove them carefully, as they can induce diseases or rot.
  • Fertiliser helps your succulents grow big and strong. Use adapted fertiliser for cacti and succulents, only during spring and summer.
  • Your succulent is acting weird, and you don’t know what its issue is? Head over to the Plantiful chatbox, the plant doctor will know what to do ;)

Armed with these tips, I should be able to keep the two new members of my plant family (a cute Aloë Longistyla and a quirky Crassula Horntree) alive, shouldn’t I?

And how about you? Tempted to try this at home? ;)



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