It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Present season! Among my friends and family, I’ve built up a bit of a reputation as gift-freak. The one that starts thinking about Christmas gifts in November and gets overly excited about the whole ritual. Finding the perfect gift: yay! Wrapping it using tons of washi tape: double yay! Finally getting to give it: jingle all the way! I blame my grandma’s genes. I swear, she starts buying her gifts in August. Apple & tree.

With only 10 days to go till Christmas, I assume most normal, non-freak peeps are in full gift buying-mode as well. So I thought I’d share some of the most original Christmas gift ideas I bumped into on this year’s hunt and some of my all-time favorites. Laziness bonus: you don’t have to leave the house for any of them. Last-minute laziness bonus: at least half of these can be bought super-last-minute (provided you have a printer or are good at hand-crafting vouchers).

christmas gift ideas

*1* For the endless commuter: an audiobook service This way you help them spend this otherwise lost time in an enjoyable, even inspirational way. Bought this for my dad, who has to spend quite some time in the car, and it was a hit! You can get a voucher of the app I personally use here.

*2* For the person you shared a significant moment with: a beautiful poster with a star map from a particular place, on a particular day (your first date, the birth of your child, your wedding,…). A bit cheesy but a meaningful gesture if you ask me. I got one (for a very special person!) at The Night Sky.

*3* For the busy bee who needs a break: think about what would help this person hit the brakes and take a breath. A massage? A spa visit? A private music lesson? If you have some budget: a stay for 2 at these wonderful Slow Cabins.

*4* For your significant other: don’t give your special person stuff, you’re their gift! Hello, quality time! A moment to share. A visit to a theme park, a weekend away, a fancy night out, the possibilities are endless! (Not giving away mine, the screens have ears ;) )

*5* For the crazy plant lady: She might not need any new plants (guilty..) but anything that celebrates her plant lady life: success guaranteed. How about this “plant lady is the new cat lady” tote by Eva mouton bag for Phyt. A beautiful green interior book is always a winner amongst this crowd as well! The Urban Jungle book is one of my personal favorites. Also: how adorable is this keychain with a real-life mini cactus?

*6* The girl who has everything: you cannot buy her happiness, but you can buy her a little piece of nature. How about a voucher for a fresh bouquet of flowers every week (Bloomon is a classic in this category) or some beautiful, easy to keep cacti or succulents from Plantiful.

*7* The guy who has everything: there are two things a guy can never get enough of: socks and plain white T-shirts. What do you mean boring? Not if you go for Happy Socks or a gift voucher for a responsibly produced tailored white T, made to his exact measurements by Son of a Tailor (thanks for the tip,!)

By the way: I’m watching Netflix’ “A Christmas Prince” as I’m posting this. How appropriate and deliciously cheesy.


Merry days!

<3 C.

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