My parents raised me well. When you visit someone, you don’t show up empty-handed. Just not done. So, whenever I’m going on a new-born baby visit I am confronted with somewhat of an inner conflict. See we Belgians have this wonderful habit we call the “diaper account”, where we just wire money as a gift to the new baby and its parents, for them to spend on whatever they desire or need. Very practical. Very rational. My efficient side loves it. My well-mannered side, not so much.

Excuse me? Entering a person’s home to celebrate the birth of their child with nothing but a virtual stack of cash? Outrageous. Enter the ongoing quest for original little gifts, to hand over along with the promise of that very practical donation. The latest episode in this series: cute little cuttings in personalized pots. Baby plants for baby people.

171028 Botanical Baby gifts 042

How to go about this?

Couldn’t be easier. All you need are some cuttings (I went for aloe vera because babies deserve the cleanest air we can give them, don’t they), small terracotta flowerpots and letter stamps. Just stamp the name of the baby girl or boy on the pots, and you have the prettiest personalized gift. Very simple, very sweet.

171028 Botanical Baby gifts 026

Clumsy girl tip: use some masking tape as a reference to stamp in a straight line. And never mind if you’ve created a few blotches when stamping. It’s handmade, remember? It’s not supposed to be perfect.

Happy crafting!

Love, C. 

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