Is it just me or can this season’s trends take you pretty much anywhere you want to go? Flipping through fashion magazines (yes, for some things I still go old skool print) scouting styles for Hello Sunshine’s AW16 look book, I had the feeling just about anything can be on-trend, if you just own it. And isn’t that exactly the beauty of fashion these days? Because the best trends are the ones you can really make your own, aren’t they? The ones so adaptable to your personal style, you could basically dive into your wardrobe to create the desired look, without even having to rate the new collections. (Something I know my sustainable fashion guru Mara would approve of ;) ).

Case in point: anyone who knows me, knows I’m far from the rock chick type (let’s face it, I just cannot pull that bad girl vibe off…). But a softer, more feminine interpretation is definitely right up my alley! Enter the sweet rock chick look from our Hello Sunshine AW16 look book: badass black softened by pink and burgundy hues; sturdy (p)leather combined with delicate fabrics and flattering skirts: love it! So me, that every item from my version of this look has been part of my closet for quite some time. (Except for the leather jacket that is, borrowed that one from my dear Katrien). This A-line skirt is actually one of my most priced vintage pieces! I got it at Think Twice years ago (during my vintage treasure hunts prime time aka my student days) and still wear it all the time. The high-waist, calf-length fitting combined with a pair of heels always gives me a powerful #girlboss kinda feeling.

Speaking of #girlbosses: had such fun with our band of badass Hello Sunshine babes, shooting this look book! Almost felt sorry for poor Carina, getting this unruly bunch to behave in front of the camera. But what a kickass job she did! Can just feel the happy girly vibes when looking back at our pics, which is why I thought I’d share some of the unpublished images here. I’m usually rather awkward and stiff in front of the camera, but felt so empowered by this group of girls I went all attitude and (rare!) full teeth smile. Feeling comfortable in your skin, surrounded by your girls, that’s true girl power for ya <3

Have a look at the full Hello Sunshine AW16 look book here!

Delicate Rock Chick

Delicate Rock Chick

Delicate Rock Chick

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