I think it’s fair to say this week was a dark one for our little country. I feel shocked, scared, sad and a little numb. But most of all, I feel this burning need not to let them win. Let them scare us into changing the way we think, the way we act, the way we live our lives. So I’ll allow myself to feel shocked, scared and sad. Just for a little while. And then I’ll pick myself right up again. And celebrate the good in this strange and harsh world. Because if there is ever a time to cherish the little things and enjoy every minute spent with the people you love, it’s now.

So I hope you’ll be spending your Easter weekend doing exactly that. I know I will be. Beside some family quality time, consider having some Easter fun with your girls. After all, they add so much sunshine to your life, don’t they. A small tip for extra fun: surprise each other with little Easter gifts, to celebrate your friendship. Because who said Christmas was the only holiday for giving gifts? Your girls deserve a treat!

I personally had a little pre-Easter brunch with  lovely ladies Petra, Liesbeth, Jessie and Hanne last week. Yummy food, inspiring chats, girly gifts and lots of laughs: it was such a positive energy boost! Exactly what the doctor ordered to fight the darkness that was this week. Fun fact: a bunch of digital girls together means not having to feel bad about taking ages to photograph/snap/instagram your meal before anyone can take a bite. Love these girls!

Happy Easter darlings
Lots of Love ❤️ C.

PS: Yup, couldn’t help but adding a little new-job-goodies to the brunch table… Still riding that new-job-high!


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