Wasn’t spring supposed to start yesterday? I’m pretty sure the Belgian weather gods missed that memo… Enough with winter already. I’m over it! After months of coats and jumpers, I’m really looking forward to those first bare-legs-days… So in the spirit of both anticipation (bring on the skirts!) and nostalgia (bring back those sunny African days!), I wanted to share this simple look I wore on a beautiful night out at the Waterfront in Cape Town.

South Africa_10292015_1103

After weeks of shorts, tees and messy hair, it was fun to get a little dolled up! Apart from my good old All Stars I actually got all items in this look on African soil. The hat at the brand new H&M in Waterfront (with an H&M ambassador like Katrien in your travel party, you just have to check out this hot new store ;) ), the bracelets at a Pad Stal on our way to Port Elizabeth and the dress at Mungo & Jemima, one of our discoveries on the corner of Long street and Church street.

In hindsight, it actually isn’t surprising that we stumbled upon a cluster of dreamy shops, all offering pretty pretty pieces from local designers, in that exact location. It appears Long street is considered to be Cape Town’s creative spine, attracting both established and emerging local designers with its urban energy. A true Walhalla for every visiting fashionista!

South Africa_10292015_1148

My personal Long Street top three:

1. Mungo and Jemima, the brainchild of Kirsty Bannerman and Marian Park-Ross. It instantly caught our eye and delighted us from the moment we stepped over its threshold, to when we stepped back out into the African sun. This cute, colorful little store offers handmade basics from local designers, including dresses, skirts, jewelry and accessories, all in happy colors, pretty prints and/or simple, flattering cuts. The girl behind the counter was super friendly and helpful, and we basically spent a fun, enjoyable moment in this hotspot (resulting in the purchase of this black baby doll style dress, which I still adore! <3).

2. WAG, the design hotspot of fashion entrepreneur Shery Bakos, where the racks are filled with unique pieces designed by herself or other local designers. Walking into this vibrant space is an instant mood booster! Between the friendly, enthusiastic reception and the happy colors, original cuts and bold prints you find yourself surrounded with, how could you not have a smile on your face… Moreover: your attention is immediately drawn to the atelier at the back of the store, where Shery and her team create custom-made designs, do alterations and give fashion training courses (Shery is known to mentor young local designers <3). It really adds to the atmosphere of creativity and authenticity. Can you tell we were totally charmed? :)

3. Me Me Me. A warm South African welcome, a counter full of  beautiful accessories (both bold African style and fine, minimalistic jewelry) and a mix of feminine, romantic, simplified and nostalgic designs with a twist. What’s not to love, right? Even though the clothes were a little too out there for my humble Belgian taste (we can be such bores, can’t we…), I did treat myself to a minimalistic geometric ring, which I’ve been wearing almost non-stop ever since.

South Africa_10292015_1085-bewerkt

Intrigued by this love song for South African design? Both Mungo and Jemima and Me Me Me have a webshop! They don’t usually ship outside South Africa, but if you send them an e-mail, they can let you know how much shipping to your country would cost. Worth a try, if you ask me ^^

Finally, on a totally unrelated note: this will be the last post featuring my long locks! Had quite a drastic cut last week… But more on that (and changes that actually matter ;) ) later!

Love <3


South Africa_10292015_1155-bewerkt

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Cape Town Magazine


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