So I’ve taken a page out of my dear friend Mara’s book and decided to scale down the shopping this year. Goodbye impulsive fast fashion, hello thought-out or head-over-heels purchases. Easier said than done, I give you that. But it’s worth a try, right? Both my wardrobe and my bank account could use the change of pace. So far, I’ve been a pretty good girl, limiting myself to a few winter basics and South Africa “fashion souvenirs” over the last few months. But the arrival of the SS16 collection is dangerous, oh so dangerous… Especially with a few mouthwatering web shops just one click away… So as an alternative version of online retail therapy, I thought I’d “write it off” and share the three webshops which are currently tempting me the most :)
 Fabrikk webshop
Fabrikk is the online style spot of Eline, one of my favorite Belgian style bloggers, where she aims to share her imaginary wardrobe. You can buy her favorite pieces of the moment with a very personal service (to which I can personally attest!). Fabrikk’s style is hip and preppy with a dash of sporty, featuring flattering silhouettes, fun quotes, minimalistic jewelry, lots of stripe prints and cozy sweaters. What’s not to love? BTW: there are some crazy sales to score at the moment (including some of the pieces here above), so definitely worth to go and have a look right now. #justsayin
JUNEs adventure started with a series pop-up stores, organized by creative soul Aude Storckel, where she presented a personal selection of fashion items. While still organizing the pop-ups every other month (there is a spring version coming up very soon by the way!), Aude decided to take the JUNE universe online with her very own e-shop. I was introduced to JUNE by Adrien, Aude’s partner in crime/life and MBP’s kick-ass Art Director. And man, talk about love at first click! JUNE’s style is slightly normcore, combining minimalism and femininity in a strong selection of pretty basics, interspersed with some hot „IT” pieces. (That jumpsuit! <3 *hiding credit card to resist temptation*)
 charline's closet 2
The third webshop that is seriously tempting me to abandon my resolutions is Charline’s Closet. Charline Vyncke’s virtual closet is filled with girly and colorful pieces at very reasonable prices. While starting off as a purely online endeavour, Charline even took her story offline. In her cute little store in Ghent, she prides herself on an ever-changing offer (new arrivals every two weeks!). Charline’s Closet stands for a happy-go-lucky style, featuring fun quotes, cute prints (serious pineapple game! <3) and a mix of casual and dressy silhouettes.
Happy shopping :)
<3 C.

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