Even though temperatures suggest otherwise, it has happened: winter has come. Despite being a summer spirit at heart, there are a few things I adore about winter time…

1. Holiday Spirit! I’m such a sucker for the holidays. Christmas movies, trees, jumpers, carols, gifts, markets… you name it, I LOVE it! I’m currently in full Christmas-eve-prep-mode, and might be driving the people around me a little crazy… Oh well :) Can’t wait to gather around the tree with the people I love most and see how they like the presents I got them! (As said here, I get a little gift obsessed). Also: shameless laziness watching Xmas movies with some hot chocolate, beside my pretty pretty tree: YES PLEASE!

2. Sweater weather! If like me, you own quite the collection of sweaters (question: do you really need another grey sweater with print? Answer: ALWAYS YES), you’re kind of looking forward to the days when it gets cold enough to wear them all day every day.

3. Knitting! Granny in training, reporting for duty! A little over a year I’ve been bit by the knitting bug (many a recipient of handmade gifts can attest to my condition). It’s just so relaxing and quite fun to create something soft and cuddly with your own hands. I’ve even added a little crochet to the mix lately! Somehow, this knitting fever is more socially accepted in winter, so hurray for movie/knitting winter nights and knitting coffee dates with like-minded souls!

4. Layers! A warm coat on top of a snuggly sweater over a crisp shirt over a soft top: hello winter uniform! Topping it all off with a giant scarf and a knit hat, of course… Probably not the most sexy look ever (remember the man repeller paradigm…) but who cares, it maks me feel so warm and cosy…

5. Cozy Crafternoons! Nothing like a day where you just don’t want to face the cold outside, to inspire an afternoon of staying in, having a nice hot drink and messing around with everything crafty. Been a while since I got out my scrapbook (yez, I’m a craft nerd), but looking forward to it!

6. Winter food! I’m sorry to break it to you salad/bbq-lovers, but winter food kicks summer food’s ass any day. Tasty roasts, winter veggies, heartwarming oven dishes, cozy soups, Christmas spiced sweets (like these!), and basically everything with hot chocolate. On that note: one of my lovely colleagues treated us to a tartiflette lunch today and it was TO DIE FOR. (All them cheeeeese <3 )

7. Marathons! Obviously I don’t mean the running kind… Personally I’ve been recording every Xmas movie that’s being ran on Belgian tv lately, in preparation of a few days off, where I think I might combine all of the above, with some Xmas movies on the background. However, there might be a few series that demand some serieus benchwatching sessions as well… Decisions! :)

8. Books! Granted, my favorite place to read a book is on a lounging chair in the sun… But a cold afternoon spent bundled up inside catching up on my reading (cause who has the time for it throughout the year :( ) must be a close second! Perfect formula for some quiet time after the hectic holiday period.

9. Cuddles! There is something about cold weather that makes me feel even cuddlier than usual (yes darling, even more :p ) Snuggled up on the couch (damn, I’m sensing a couch-theme in this post…) with your favorite blanket/cat/lover (whatever floats your boat ;) ), it’s just the best way to get warm on cold days. (See, I’m not cheesy, it’s just very practical!)

10. Winter Wonderland! They are pretty rare in our little country, but I have to admit: there is something magical about those sparse mornings when you look out of your window and everything is white and untouched… Provided you don’t have to get in your car and drive through this wonderland that is, obvs.

11. Rosy cheeks! You know that feeling, when you’ve been on a long walk in the cold and your cheeks get all tingly and rosy? <3!

Keep warm and enjoy these merry days!

<3 C.

photo-1421986527537-888d998adb74by Morgan Sessions

Pics by Padurariu Alexandru & Morgan Sessions

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