We can all use a little closet cleanse from time to time, now can’t we? Decluttered closet, decluttered life! So when Liesbeth & Jessie, the lovely duo behind the Clean Closet events, contacted me for the third edition of their sale, I thought: “C: Time to get your act together, and the clutter out of that closet!” No sooner said than done, I got myself a spot and immediately dove into my closet to start the selection process. (You know, while I was still in the decisive cleansing spirit, the volume of items selected being directly correlated with that particular state of mind).

I have to say: I was particularly rigorous and some very nice pieces found their way into those “Clean Closet” labeled boxes. If I may say so myself. And no, I will not be opening those boxes again until this weekend. For fear of changing my mind :) Feel like a sneak peek? Here’s a small selection of some of the pieces that are looking for a new home:

So: if you see something you like or just feel like a fun afternoon (because those Clean Closet ladies sure now how to plan a cozy fashionable event with lots of lovely people  <3) – come by this Sunday between 2 and 6 PM for a chat, a drink and a little rummage!

Hope to see you there! <3 C.



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