It might be a tad quiet here over the next few weeks! Heading for an African adventure with a few of my all-time favorite peeps <3 I can’t believe after all these months of planning and counting down, the moment is finally here… So psyched I can’t even. You know, that so-excited-you-can’t-sleep-eat-think pre-travel state of mind? Yup: that’s where I’m at! Might be doing some gramming from the road if I get the chance, so keep an eye on my IG account if you’d like the occasional update ;)

Anyway, time to stuff some last items in my suitcase and say goodbye to my little Nalu… (A big shout-out to one very special friend who is coming to stay with her while I’m away!)

Sien jou later! <3 C.

person-beach-holiday-vacation-large by Ed Gregory

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