Nothing like a little getaway to recharge that mental battery, am I right? We kicked off September with a week of wandering the Dalmatian Coast, and it was just what the doctor ordered! Besides the obvious joys of traveling, discovering new places and experiencing new things, it’s the little things which I secretly look forward to just as much and which trigger that state of total holiday bliss…

Reading Reading Reading! Yup, I’m a closet bookworm! My everyday routine rarely allows me time to read as much as I would want to. So selecting which books to pack and stretching out in the sun with a good read is one of my favorite parts of going on holiday. In the relaxed holiday state of mind I also feel like I’m more receptive for what’s written between the lines, more inclined to think about what a story really means. I usually end up with a book that will forever be the symbol of that specific holiday, one storyline that lingers in my mind. This year, that title definitely goes to the tragically beautiful “All the lights we cannot see

Disconnecting. As a natural part of my digital job, I’m ALWAYS connected. Yes, a slight social media addiction might play a role here to :) Taking a break from all of this is an important part of really getting into the chill-vacation-spirit. Granted, the social media disconnect is often largely due to a lack of mobile data abroad, rather than an actual choice… But it’s the result that counts, right? :)

Contemplating the big and little things. Disconnecting from both your real and virtual life opens up quite a bit of space to let your mind wander, now doesn’t it? After a few hectic months it feels so wonderfully luxurious to just gaze at a beautiful view and take stock. It tends to clarify what matters most, and energize for challenges ahead.

Getting inspired. When you give your mind the room to wander, it might end up in magical places. Nothing like a relaxed and open mind in a stimulating environment to get those creative juices flowing. I often return from holiday with plenty of new ideas, plans and stories in my luggage.

Enjoying the moment. You don’t need to be any specific place at any specific time. Just enjoy where you are and what you are doing there. Cherishing that moment while it lasts = total bliss.

Enjoying the company. Whether you’re traveling with friends or that special someone, I love how holidays give you the opportunity to really spend time together. To talk about everything and nothing. To discover that little thing you never knew about each other.

What could I find on your holiday bliss list?

<3 C.


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