Every reason for a trip to Pars is a good one in my book. Even no reason at all :) I guess the growing size of that “Paris” tag on this blog’s sidebar (yes, feel free to have a look at that tag cloud to see what else has been on my blogger’s mind ;) ) is undeniable proof of my weak spot for this beautiful city. This weekend I had the pleasure of introducing someone to it for the very first time. Oh the joy of seeing the City of Lights through a newbie’s eyes… But also: dilemmas!  So little time, so much to see and share… It really made me consider what my all-time- Paris-must-sees are. I have a feeling a future blogpost might be in order here ;)

But anyway: since a first time visit inevitably entails some touristy activities, I thought I’d dress the part (no halfway measures for this girl!). Nothing screams tourist like a good tropical print (for me personally, the word tourist always invokes this image of a skinny, sun-burned Englishman with Hawai print shorts…), so this happy comfy palm tree number was a no-brainer. The fact that it’s by la petite française is just one of life’s perfect coincidences. Topped off with a sturdy pair of sneakers (yes, like so many before me – and half of Le Marais it seems – I caved for a pair of Stan Smiths. Not very original but what can I say: they were too pretty to resist…) and some light layers, and I was set to hit the town, tourist style.

Happy tourist tip: the Velolib bikes are a perfect (and budget friendly!) way to get around the city, especially if you want to hit several neighborhoods in a day, and admire the beautiful sights along the way. Biking through those pretty streets or along the Seine: <3 it!

Bisous! C.







Kiomi shirt – H&M jacket – la petite française pants –Addidas Stan Smith sneakers – Suiteblanco Bag – Paul Frank glasses

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