Oh those soft and sunlit spring days! That much more precious in their scarcity than yet another sunny summer day (even though those can get quite scarce in our little country as well ;) #weatherobsessedbelgian). They do come with one dilemma though. At least for me. Which sunny favorite to wear first? Decisions, decisions… Choosing seems losing, because you’ll never know when the fickle spring weather will grant you another window of opportunity. Pressure = on! ;) This particular combo is one of my go-to looks at the moment, since it combines four of my spring wardrobe pets (not sure if that’s an actual thing, but feel like it should be :) ):

The cute and comfy flower print dress I got it as part of my Austin wardrobe (oh yes, conferences demand targeted shopping), a perfect “business casual” option in my opinion. I’ve been wearing it quite a lot lately! I really like the fit: loose enough to be gentle to your figure, but not so loose it hides your feminine forms. And the print is just so unapologetically girly! Instant good mood! What can I say: I just feel good wearing it. In the end that’s the ultimate sartorial goal now isn’t it?

The pretty pastel pink purse I got as a gift from major #girlboss and inspiration Trix (inspired by my love letter to pastels, how thoughtful is that!). Straight from one of her passion projects Eviva E, an online shop where she shares her love for Spain by offering a beautiful selection of genuine Spanish products, imported directly from her second home. Definitely worth a virtual visit ;)

To complete the pastel party: a little ice-cream colored wrist candy from my jewellery. Playful, delicate and a perfect match for this dress’ color scheme: <3

Finally: my super soft Vero Moda cardigan. It’s just SO soft and fluffy, how could I not ADORE it? (SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE) Random side note: on two separate occasions I had a total stranger coming up to me and asking me if they could touch it (once on an escalator in Austin and once in a coffee bar in Brussels). Sounds a bit creepy when I write it down like this, but it was quite the conversation starter ;)

Hope you’re out there enjoying spring days and cardigan inspired conversations too! ;)

Love, C.

Fluff & Flowers20150418_01

Fluff & Flowers20150418_13

Fluff & Flowers20150418_27

Fluff & Flowers20150418_21

Dorothy Perkins Dress – Vero Moda cardigan – my jewellery bracelets c/o – Eviva E purse c/o – Converse sneakers

Pics by Mara

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