Howdy y’all! Reporting life from Austin, Texas:)  Enjoying the brainy geek fest that is #SxSW, or, as the word wizard also known as my boss has beautifully put it: confronting heat, thirst, endless steaks, burning sun, lousy beer and rattlesnakes, to gather as much information as we can get during long days, and endless nights. As you might suspect: this girl is one happy camper :) And as every seasoned camper (strictly for this analogy’s sake that is, there’s no world in which I actually deserve that title), I came prepared.

The look

The challenge: running around all over Austin for five long days, while looking somewhat profesh (not toooo much though: this is Texas after all ;) ), while staying comfy. Approach: business casual girl geek. Let me break that down :) Since heels are really not an option if I want my poor feet to survive this adventure, sneakers where a no-brainer. But my girly girl side (she’s ever present) wouldn’t settle for comfy only, so I packed plenty of girly dresses (Summer dresses! Hurray for warm Texan weather!) with a dash of business casual. Which is actually super practical if you think about it, because like I said before: you’re always fully dressed with a dress! No combo puzzles on jetlag plagued mornings: throw on the dress and you’re done! More or less :) That leaves two conference must-haves: breathable cardigans (in love with this fluffy Vero Moda one!) or classy comfy jackets (Welcome to the land of crazy AC!) and a backpack to drag around all my girl geek necessities.

packed outfit

The beauty routine

Long days, air conditioning and the dry Texan air: they take their toll on your skin and hair. This calls for an adapted beauty routine, with hydration at its core. Let me share a snapshot of what that includes for me (full disclosure: some of these products where given to me by the lovely P&G beauty team, of which I used to be a part, during their amazing “Beautiful Journey” – very appropriate, right? – event).

First up: the the Olaz Anti-Wrinkle (it’s never too early, girls :) ) Instant Hydration, which claims a 24h hydration boost (will keep you posted ;) ) because of its Ocean Botanical complex. I tend to combine my day cream with a handful of samples for a full skincare routine on the go. Because if you’re not using them when you are traveling – when will you?

If there is one thing I don’t like to compromise on, it’s my hair routine. Bad hair tends to affect my mood (shallow, I know, but there you have it). But we all know perfect hair tends to come with quite the amount of luggage space. That’s where Braun comes to your rescue, with its new Style & Go collection, for a perfect result on the go, thanks to its signature IONTEC-technology. The dryer’s power is a little less strong than a normal one (16000 watt), but it does the trick!

Another life-saver, for the mornings on which a whole hair-shebang is just not possible: the Pantene Pro-V dry shampoo. With its “oil absorber” based on tapioca it absorbs excess dirt and grease, leaving your locks soft & refreshed. My favorite is the instant refresh version: because… well because of the instant refreshment, duh! (Can you tell I’m not a beauty blogger?) Perfect for a quick touch-up, and I love the way it makes my hair smell :)

And lastly: you might have noted the dominance of skirts & dresses in my packed look. Nothing less than smooth legs will do :) What I brought to achieve this: Venus Snap, a tiny travel-sized razor, which comes in a cute little box you can easily slip into your handbag. It comes with a Venus Embrace razor, but is combinable with all Venus razors.

packed look

All of this being said: let it be clear that he focus of this trip is not how I’ll look, but what I’ll learn. More geek than girl going on here :) If you want to know more on that front: feel free to have a look at and read all about it ;)

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