With International Women’s Day coming up (hope you’ll be celebrating, Ladies!) it got me musing about what an amazing thing it actually is to be a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I too curse this gift at times (once a month, at least), but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The marvelous complexity of femininity. Our secret weapon for playing the array of roles we take on in life. Kick-ass girlfriend and bad-ass #girlboss. Caring mother and passionate lover. Cheerleader and challenger.

We’re unapologetically complicated and contradictory. And stronger for it. Soft and sweet, but fearless and fierce at the same time. Head in the clouds but both feet on the ground. Strong enough to admit to our weaknesses. Not ashamed to ask for help opening a stubborn jar, but facing life’s toughest challenges head on (probably while wearing terribly impractical shoes). Hanging on the couch and knitting one night (result of such a night below!), dancing the night away (in killer heels!) the next. Obsessing about the little things, while seeing the big picture. Living with a fire that leads to impulsive decisions, but owning up to our blunders. The resilience to open up our big hearts, only to get them broken, pick ourselves up and live to love another day. Who run the world? You know it :)

So yes: I tend to sport a rather girly girl look. But don’t judge this girly book by its cover. People often do, and seem a little shocked to discover the determination (and hint of a wilder streak ;) ) underneath. I might be rocking handmade knits and pastel sequins, but you know what? I’m totally Wild at Heart. Hear me roar.

Wild at heart 20150228_14

Wild at heart 20150228_38

Wild at heart 20150228_61

Wild at heart 20150228_72

Wild at heart 20150228_46

Wild at heart 20150228_20

 Essentiel sweater & skirt – Primark shirt – H&M parka – Lipsy booties – Hand-knit (by me! :) ) beanie

Pics by Lore Maene


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