The moment has returned. Something that hasn’t occurred since my teenage years. Practicality over girliness: I need a backpack. Heading to Austin for SXSW soon (#happydance!), and the thought of dragging around the necessary techcessories (girl geek alert!) and heaps of new books (nerd alert!) on one shoulder is making my physiotherapist cringe. Time to put style concerns aside and give that poor shoulder a rest. Time to get back to backpacks!

And you know what: a little online retail research proved that ergonomic considerations didn’t necessarily entail that big of a style sacrifice. There are some really pretty rucksacks out there! Even my girly girl side thinks so (and she’s not easily appeased with this degree of practicality). So I thought: why not share the fruit of my pre-shopping labors, in case some of your lovely shoulders can also use a little rest? I went for the black Spiral Bag one by the way: loved the fun touch of the little birds and it has a very handy laptop section. Pretty practicality: check!

Happy packing ;) <3 C.


Images via Asos & Zalando

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