Hardly a secret to anyone who knows me, or has spent more than 5 secs on this blog: I LOVE me some pastels! In my wardrobe, my beauty stash, my house: you name it, I love it. I blame my girly girl side. She just cannot resist the ice-cream colored dreaminess of it all. So even if these soft shades tend to be spring classics, my winter wardrobe warmly welcomes its very own pretty pastels. Somehow those lovely light hues help me face those much dreaded dark winter days. (While I’m praying for spring to come really really soon #thankyouplease).

But as much as happy colors warm my heart, I’m afraid they won’t suffice for the rest of shivery little me. Bring on the snuggly pastel knits puh-lease! Pastel pink knitted jumper + soft sky blue coat = perfect combo for a Clouds in my Coffee date with my girl Katrien. A little theme dressing never hurt anyone, right? :) And while we’re on the subject of soft snuggly clouds: this EllePaca baby must be the best investment I made this season. It’s been keeping me warm pretty much every day since, and I have to admit: it really is like touching a cloud

How are you keeping happy & warm? <3 C.

Winter Pastels20150208_38

Winter Pastels20150208_60

Winter Pastels20150208_42

Winter Pastels20150208_51

Winter Pastels20150208_76

EllePaca Hat & Scarf – Primark coat – H&M Jumper – Levi’s jeans – Nike sneakers – Depeapa tote bag c/0 My Ex Boyfriend

Pics by Katrien

6 thoughts on “Winter Pastels

  1. petra

    Ik ben ook een pastel-fan, en heb ook een lichtblauwe jas deze winter :) Leuk gecombineerd met het grijs en lichtroze, ik ben alvast geïnspireerd!!


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