Follow your dreams, they know the way. A golden rule, but where to start? That’s exactly the question that inspired Elfi De Bruyn’s brand new Dreamdrop tool. “Articulating your dreams isn’t easy, but knowing what you want in life can go a long way to achieving it. Whenever I start a new project I grab a pair of scissors and create a moodboard to symbolize my vision. Visualizing what you want to achieve is a first step to going out and make it happen. The sky is the limit, as long as you dare to dream!

And that’s exactly what the key message of this platform is: Dare to Dream. The process is really simple: you go to the website, write down your dream, assemble your moodboard and drop your dream in its virtual galaxy. The text stays private but you can share your moodboard with other dreamers. Fun detail: after a year you’ll get a little reminder in your inbox about the dream you visualized today. Just to remind you to keep dreaming and reaching for your stars… I love the simplicity and inherent optimism of this concept. No other goal than to encourage people to dream and add some magic to the web. LOVE it. So you, Elfi <3
As you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to get started and play around with this beautiful tool. I have to say: the process is kinda therapeutic! You should definitely go and try it out for yourself, but as a little inspiration: here is the dream I sent out into the Dreamdrop galaxy… 

charlotte-catteeuw-1420835772 (All sources can be found on my Pinterest boards)

Dreams are the fuel of life. They’re the magical sparkle that pushes you on, encourages you to take that extra step and reach for YOUR stars. They say you should dream big, and by all means: if that’s what comes natural to you, go for it! But don’t feel like you have to. So what if your dream isn’t to move across the world and start your own business? Dreams can be about the little things in life. Doing what you love. Being surrounded by people that matter to you and making a difference in their life. When push comes to shove, don’t we all just dream of a full and happy life? I know I do.

I dream of a life full of passion. Passion for what I do and who I am sharing it with. Continuously discovering more about myself and what I love, what I want out of life. Grow. Not being afraid to put myself out there and go for it. Getting up in the morning and knowing I am where I want to be and who I want to be with. 

I dream of a life full of creativity. Where I find the time to see the beauty around me, to write, photograph and get crafty. Find new ways to express that creative sparkle in my gut, while remembering that perfection is not the purpose and the beauty is in the process. Let myself be inspired by the world and being able to pour that inspiration into my daily activities.

I dream of a life full of stories. From around the world and close to home. Stories I have lived, that have been told to me and ones that I’ve helped create. I’d like to share stories that matter. That make people smile, make people think. Give a voice to those who deserve to be heard. People who add their bit of magic to the world. People that inspire me. 

Because most of all: I dream of a life full of people. There is nothing that inspires me as much as a person can. Making a difference for the people in my life. Sharing the big and little moments with them. Meeting new people, learn from them and let them broaden my world. And if possible, add something of value to their life… 

Big dreams about the little things in life <3 Or maybe not that little after all…

Will you be creating a dream on

Dare, my dears <3 C.

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  1. Liesbeth

    Wat een mooie moodboard Charlotte! En mooie beschrijving, you most certainly add value to my life en ik hoop dat er nog veel fijne dates en droomuitwisselingen mogen volgen!



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