It’s that time of year again: the Christmas gift hunt is on! Getting someone the perfect present can be pretty stressful, but there’s nothing quite like that feeling of getting it right, is there? Yes: I tend to get a little over-exited about my Christmas shopping :) Still looking for some inspiration? Here are 7 original gifts (because another pair of socks just won’t cut it..) for some of the special people in your life:Christmas Gifts


1. Your mom: creative quality time

All she really wants is to spend time with you! A bit too conceptual a gift to wrap? (Unless you follow Mr. Tribbiani’s example that is) Why not enroll the both of you for a fun crea workshop? Quality time and crafty fun: check! Tip: my friend Alicia and I recently joined a Maurice knitting workshop and had heaps of fun!

2. Your student sibling: a study boost care package 

One of the most terrible things about being a college student in Belgium: having your exam prep time smack in the middle of the holidays. (What do you mean carols and hot coco? More like cramming and liters of coffee!) Take some pity on your studying sibling and assemble a fun exam period survival kit: energy drinks, motivational quotes, yummy food, energy drinks, fun notepads, crazy highlighters, some brainless entertainment for study breaks,… there are so many things that can brighten the endless days behind their desk!

3. Your grandparents: 2015 agenda with family pics

Because A: they are some of the rare people that still go old skool and actually use a non-virtual way to get organized and B: nothing they’ll like more than seeing the faces of their loved ones on a daily basis. Sounds like a plan? You can create one pretty easily on the photo service platforms of Hema and Kruidvat .

4. Your darling niece: Happy Nails 2

Because you just know you’ll be the hippest aunt in tha house with this one! Why not combine it with a self-made gift voucher for an afternoon of nail art fun to test out all of Elfi’s pretty designs? Happy times guaranteed!

5. Your favorite foodie: Fourplay

I agree: chances are your favorite foodie has a bookshelf crammed with cookbooks. But I’m pretty sure he or she hasn’t got one quite like this baby :) Prinsess Misia’s collection of 80 seasonal vegetarian recipes is so gorgeously illustrated it isn’t only a very responsible (hello healthy yumz!) but also a very beautiful gift.

6. The one that has everything: some good karma

A fact of life: some people have it all. So what the hell to get those lucky bastards… Why not embrace the true spirit of Christmas and spread the joy? Try to think of a good cause that will be close to their heart and make a donation in their name. As a bit of inspiration: at Plan Belgium you can get gifts such as 1 year of education for 2 girls (€50) or 10 drinkable water kits (€45).

7. An extra special someone: a little bit of you

Whether it’s your hubby, your dad, your mum or your best friend: there is always someone extra special you really want to find an equally special prezzy for. Why not get crafty and create something that is just as unique as they are? Make a picture collage, print them a personalized T-shirt, knit them a scarf: the possibilities are endless! And remember: don’t stress yourself out by aiming for perfection: it’s the thought that counts!

Happy giving <3 C.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Inspiration

  1. melissa

    about nr 6: what goes around, comes around! so you’ll be having a great christmas, I’m sure of it! :-)
    happy holidays!
    Melissa x


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