A few weeks ago me and my big bro set out for a road trip to visit the branch of our big complicated family tree that recently moved across the border for a fabulous French adventure. Ever connected gal that I am, the prospect of four days in the middle of nowhere with little to no reception of any kind (WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO WIFI??) both appalled and appealed to me. Because even I have to admit it might just be the perfect way to disconnect from our hurried lives and reconnect with each other. Granted: we did visit the lovely city of Lyon which is neither in the middle of nowhere (nor technically in the Bourgogne region for that matter), nor very disconnected, but it’s the thought that counts, right? (And that smart phone did stay pretty tucked away while we were wandering the streets).

We filled our days with family time, food (oh that French cheese…) and discovering the sites ( bonjour pretty villages, cute markets and lovely fields!). Definitely an area worth visiting for a good recharge! As tends to happen, my most quietly invigorating moments (except for the welcoming bear hugs of my not-so-little brothers, that is <3 ) were spent behind the lens, trying to capture some of the beauty around me. I never seem to be able to do it full justice, but hope you like this little bite of the beautiful Bourgogne region! Tip: in a couple of months a few beautiful new gîtes will be ready to warmly welcome you in the rustic le Rousset. Stay tuned ;)

Bisous, C.

Le Rousset20141101_120

Le Rousset20141101_134

Le Rousset20141031_113

Le Rousset20141031_104

Le Rousset20141031_102

Le Rousset20141031_100

Le Rousset20141031_096

Le Rousset20141101_118

Le Rousset20141101_117

Le Rousset20141101_163

Le Rousset20141101_170


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Bourgogne

    1. charlotte Post author

      Extra fijn compliment omdat het van jou komt, Kelly! Ik houd je op de hoogte wanneer het leuke adresje op dit mooie plaatsje opengaat ;)


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