Can you believe Christmas is less than a month away? High time to get those Christmas sweaters out of the closet! To snuggle up on the couch, bring some holiday cheer to the office or keep merry while facing the horror that is Christmas shopping: whenever, wherever is my motto. After all, we only get one month a year to wear them, so we’d better make it count! In need of some brand new merriment? (I’m sure you’ve been good all year, it’s ok to treat yourself to an early Xmas present ;) ) One of these seven babies is sure to add some holiday spirit to your look! (Remember: a tad of ugly is allowed!) Since a Christmas sweater is about as seasonal as it gets, I tend to stick to the high street options. Oh and yes: I already caved and got myself the red H&M one. Blogpost research can be very dangerous indeed :)

Stay merry <3


xmas sweater

4 thoughts on “7 Merry Christmas Sweaters

  1. Kelly

    Love these! I got myself the ‘Dear Santa I Want It All’ one at H&M. Most of the other ones were already sold out. They had truckloads of these in London, should’ve caved then. :)


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