Have been spending quite some time in the kitchen lately! I’m not sure if it’s the change of season (autumn tends to make me switch to cocoon mode) or the change of home (nothing like some baking/cooking to make a house feel homey) but I’ve been having fun testing out my new kitchen! Perfect timing for a post about food inspiration and passion personified a.k.a Marta Majewska! As the one to introduce this carnivore (I confess…) to the yumminess of veggie cooking and alternative ingredients such as spelt, coconut oil and stevia, she definitely added a fresh and healthy touch to my cooking! But that’s just a minor accomplishment on this fabulous foodie’s track record: a mouthwatering blog, ditto magazine and now: the launch of her first book „Fourplay”!

The Princess

I hardly think this Polish power girl needs an introduction. But she definitely deserves it :) Widely known as Princess Misia (fun fact: if I recall correctly Misia is the Polish word for bear and a pet name used by her equally talented hubby), Marta is conquering the world one bite at a time as a food blogger, stylist and photographer. (In case you ever have an appetite problem: just pay a quick visit to her blog and that should be fixed in no time.) But more importantly (to this girl at least): to me she’s a dear friend, an inspiration and a mentor. The one who introduced me to a digital world of wonder, encouraged (encourages!) me to grow and (not even subtly or gently I might add ;) ) pushed me to start this blog. She’s a force of nature, a creative soul and my favorite Polish export product <3

Princess Misia

The Book

In her Fourplay book Marta shares a collection of 80 playful recipes for the four seasons  (get it? Four-Play? :) ). Healthy, original and easy to make = perfect inspiration for food lovers with limited kitchen skills (yours truly!) and a proof that good food doesn’t need to be complicated. (Tip: I’ve been scoring major points at dinner parties with the spinach-feta dip: easy peasy and super tasty!) Beside a source of culinary inspiration, the beautiful styling and photography makes Fourplay simply a joy to browse. Oh yes: there will definitely be a few copies below my Christmas tree (but shhht, don’t tell my favorite family/friend foodies ;) )


Heading over to the „Boekenbeurs” in Antwerp tomorrow? You can find Marta and her beautiful book at Hall 3 Stand 308 between 1.30pm-4.30pm, for a chat, a signature and a little bag of her homemade nut granola :)

Happy cooking :)


PS: A little Photobooth fun from the Fourplay launch party :)




Pics by Speaking Through Silence Photograpy

2 thoughts on “Marta x Fourplay

  1. Princess Misia

    Oooooh thank you soooo much! I love this and it just made my day :) Happy to hear I found another fan of the spinach feta dip, it seems to be one of the favorites! Big hug love, you’re the best!!!


    1. charlotte Post author

      You’re very welcome darling! The list of passionate peeps wouldn’t be complete without you ;) We should start a club of spinach feta dip fans :p


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