There is nothing I admire more than passionate people who inspire you with their drive, their story, their life. When a new brand set out to celebrate just that, this girl was immediately on board! Even more so because this particular brand was launched by my favorite Latina and one of the smartest girls I know. Meet EllePaca, a brand of 100% Peruvian baby alpaca knitwear, created by the beautiful Maria José Crousillat.

The Chica

About three years ago today, she walked into our office and into my life. (On a pair of scarily high heels, that goes without saying. #signaturelook) Feisty, passionate and bright: Majo is a chica/force to be reckoned with, and personifies that the best things often come in small packages. This lovely Latin lady was born and raised in picturesque Perú, but has been living overseas for the last ten years (first in Vancouver and now in Brussels) studying and working in communications (and kicking major ass at it!). Nonetheless, her heart still belongs to her home country. “Every year that I fly to Lima I realize how much I miss the culture, people’s tenacious spirit, the celebrations and exquisite food! I really wanted to find a way to bring my Peruvian heritage closer to my life in Europe and give back to my country.”


The Story

Let’s face it: we all love a good story. But we love it even more when we get to be part of it, even if it’s just in a small way. So yes: I LOVE that I got to play a teeny-tiny role in the EllePaca story. It all started one morning at the office, with a little fashion chit chat (gotta love it!) between colleagues. Our Flemish banter remains gibberish to Majo (although I kinda suspect she understands more than she lets on) but two words instantly spiked her interest: ‘Perú’ and ‘baby alpaca’ “It was perfect. They say you find answers where you least expect them and here was mine, between foreign words from two of my favorite colleagues. I had been searching for a new project and nothing seemed quite right until this very day, when I was reminded of my own culture. Alpacas – these weird funny looking animals would become my vehicle for the ride of a lifetime!” 

EP logo

The Brand

“Through EllePaca I am excited to share with you one of my home country’s greatest treasures: Peruvian baby alpaca wool, the finest type of wool originating from the Andes. The EllePaca brand is about celebrating women that stay true to themselves, follow their passion and inspire others to become their greatest self.”  Every EllePaca piece is 100% Baby Alpaca wool (hello heavenly softness!), 100% handmade and 100% Peruvian. Beautifully handmade scarves, hats and hatbands in an array of delicious rich colours that don’t only look and feel ah-mazing, but have a story of passion and inspiration behind them? YES PLEASE!

Fun fact: each label is hand-signed by the knitter, and you can find out more about each of them here. “I work with incredibly talented Peruvian knitters who craft each EllePaca garment like a true piece of art: hand-made and hand-signed. The EllePaca knitters are the engine behind the brand, they not only share our passion for women that persevere, but live it every day as the greatest role models.”




Intrigued by this tale of softness and want to experience it yourself? You’re in luck! Maria José and I are giving away a beautiful “Isabella” beanie, inspired by Queen Isabella I of Spain and the perfect winter essential! In order to win this pretty baby:

1. Like the Scene by C and EllePaca Facebook page
2. Leave a comment below and tell us about a passionate woman that inspires you! Oh and also mention which colour you would like ;)
3. Remember: sharing is caring! ;)

EllePaca win

The winner will be selected at random on the 27th of October.

Good luck!



EllePacaPics by Nico D.


21 thoughts on “Maria José x EllePaca

  1. Mara Espinosa

    My whole life, this one person has been the reason why I never give up. He is the reason why I can put things in perspective. He is the reason why I can feel so happy about stupid things. In 1973, my dad fled from the coup in Chile. He had to leave his country because his ideas were not how they were suppose to be. He lived in several countries and after a few years he arrived in Belgium, with absolutely no money, no identity and with no knowledge of Dutch. He does not like to speak about that period, only that he felt alone and missed Chile. But he didn’t gave up. Several years later, he has his own company and has loads of friends. And he has me:) So I admire my dad, for the way he dealt with things and for how he learned to be strong! Oh and my favorite color is grey ;)


    1. Majo

      Mara I just discovered its you, the Mara I know.. and you have a blog?! Love it! Your story is inspiring and your dad was beyond brave, one of the toughest political periods in south american history, thanks for sharing it.


  2. Lore

    If you ask for an inspiring person I have ro mention @Elfi De Bruyn. Was just at Schiphol airport where I saw her nailpolish at Bodyshop. Amazing the reach Elfi has with her passion and what she believes in. Combining fairtrade and fashion (two of my favorite things ;) is truly amazing and shapes a future vision @EllePaca. Immediately fell in love with the orange hat: that decision is as easy as knowing this is an inspiring project! X


  3. Catherine

    My answer comes in the form of a very (low res) video:

    What exactly has she accomplished to get that epithet:
    * Fresh out of law school, she was appointed as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington, D.C.The work of the committee led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.
    *At 31, she became the first female chair of the Legal Services Corporation, and at 32 the first female partner at Rose Law Firm. The National Law Journal twice listed her as one of the hundred most influential lawyers in America.
    *After running the White House, Clinton was elected the first female Senator from New York; she is the only First Lady ever to have run for public office.
    *Following her defeat in the primaries of the 2008 Presidential race, Obama nominated Clinton to be Secretary of State. She visited more countries than any other Secretary of State.
    *In 2014, she is preparing her second Presidential run in 2016 which she will win. Go Hillary!

    Colour: orange because we all know orange is the real new black.


  4. Daphné

    Hey Charlotte & MaJo!

    YOU! are the women that inspire me, you have always nice ideas, tricks & tips !!!
    you are dynamic & creative and that gives me sparkles in my everyday life!

    xxx Go on girls :-)) xxxx



  5. Déborah

    Even if a lot of women are inspiring me, there’s only one that is a real example. She’s a Diva. A business woman. An amazing singer. A wonderful wife. A passionate mum. A feminist. She’s Mrs Carter. She’s a Queen. THE Queen. She’s BEYONCE.

    Colour: navy blue pleaaaaaase :) This will be my winter colour!


  6. Soph

    Besides being an avid collector of hats, I also consider myself a collector of people in the sense that I have people in my life whom i treasure. I count myself very lucky to have been blessed with so many women who have graced my life who have inspired me. From the unbelievably strong and wise women in my family to the amazing women from all walks of life and all the lives I have lived: from New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Amsterdam and here in Brussels, who’s stories of trials and tribulations, the laughter and love we share have shaped me into the person I am today and will me to always best the best I can be (including the two gorgeous gals who are running this competition!). Near and far, spanning the globe, the women in my life are each pearls in a necklace that adorn my heart each and every day! They all know who they are, thank you girls for everything! xxx


    1. Majo

      Sofia why aren’t you a poet? I miss your laugh, majorinos, and stories of disaster every day in my life. I am so lucky to have shared the EP journey with you and all of mi chicas from the very beginning! I have to say, a million years will pass by and no one will ever come close to introducing the brand the way you did at Hugo’s event. #priceless Couldn’t have done it without you!!


  7. Majo

    Charlotta, I am referring to her flemish opening line that cracked up the entire room and got them to love us! Your intro to EP is like a tribute I want to frame to remind me why I do this every day!!


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